Sunday, March 29, 2009

A few weekends ago...

A few weekends ago it was it. It was the weekend when I realized it was time to cut the grass down. It was almost as tall as our daughter; if she sat down, we probably could lose her. Of course, she probably would have thought it was cool having her own little outside fortress in our backyard; being able to peer out into the yard and not be seen.

So Saturday, I get the stuff together to go to work. As I was out cutting it with our weed trimmer, I wondered how the grass got to be so tall in the first place. The sprinklers were off for the last several months, probably since last October. I mean, don’t plants need water? Is there that much in the ground to live on? Even prosper? Then God reminded me about Genesis… “In the beginning…” O’ no, I thought. I’m working in the yard. Seems that God always shows me something when I’m working in the yard. “Ok, God. What is it?” I asked.

He said, “Remember back in Genesis how I provided for the plants in the beginning? It hadn’t rained yet; the water came up from the ground to produce life and feed the plants, water the soil.”

“Yes, I remember” I replied. No answer. I think He was letting it sink in. The plants are being fed through the ground. Getting back to the basics; the way he intended things in the beginning. I thought about saving a blade as a reminder but it wouldn’t stay green; it had no roots to absorb water from. Roots! That was it! It’s the roots that transfer the nutrients from the soil and water to produce what the plant is intended for.

Later, I thought about different relationships with people. So many have drifted apart over the years; distanced themselves from one another. Friendships that were thought to be great disappeared. In many cases, they chose to drift away; in others they were just for the season you are in. He said, “these relationships weren’t intended to produce life; your relationship with me will. It’s also your choice. Choose to remain in Me, and I will provide for your needs just like the grass. Choose the world and its fruit will come forth.” I asked, “How will you provide?” He replied, “It’s not the way you think; My ways are not your ways. Through Me, I have Living Water that satisfies.”

Those that have their roots firmly planted in Him won’t be uprooted by every wind that comes. He may not provide through their homes, 401k’s, savings accounts, or any other means that we know of today. His Word is truth though – He will provide!


Billy Coffey said...

I love this time of year for the simple reason that God often talks to me in the yard. Mowing, weeding, whatever. That's strange, isn't it? But maybe not.

Maybe I need to grow my roots a little deeper.

nitewrit said...

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Larry E.

Avily Jerome said...

Great thoughts! Thanks for posting that!

Unknown said...

LOL....don't you just have to laugh at how God speaks to us in just the right places and times. Maybe He always speaks to you in the yard because that's when you are alone....just guessing.

I for one love cutting the grass and edging and weed-eating. It's fun for me.

I too, need to be strongly rooted and not moved by the wind, which changes direction often.

It's nice to meet the other half of Tracy. I usually visit her site but today decided to hop on over to this one. And I'm glad I did. What you wrote is nothing short of wisdom and food for thought about where we are firmly planted now and where we truly want to be long term.

Travis said...

Many, many years ago, my father planted about 5 long rows of corn in the garden. It was a dry season, just like the one you described. It was hard to get most anything to grow, much less prosper.

Imagine his frustration when we came home from church to discover that the horses got loose and found their way into the garden. They ate all 5 rows of corn, right down to the nub.

Well, because that corn had spent time getting rooted in the soil, it came right back and produced the best corn crop of all times. One never knows how being rooted will make everything work out the right way.

Sorry for hi-jacking your blog!

Great post!